Titles and Duties Of the COU Administrators

  • The Oxbridge Chancellor, Wordsmith Jarvinen, is the final authority on decisions and the interface with Caledon and Second LifeĀ® as a whole. Wordsmith is also the Dean of Education and the acting Dean of Engines (scripting of infrastructure).
  • The Dean of Commons, Phrynne, is responsible for management of lands and land access. This includes the seasonally varying plants and flowers that help to keep Oxbridge visually changing and attractive.
  • The Assistant Dean of Commons, Tasha, oversees the Oxbridge Tutors, who provide onsite assistance to those at Oxbridge.
  • The Dean of Development, Andrea Jones, is responsible for soliciting patrons and sponsors and for organizing fundraising events to support the University's tier payments and a small, per-class stipend to instructors. Andrea is founder of Caledon Nights and has organized prior fund raisers for Oxbridge.
  • The Assistant Dean of Development, RainyDayRecess, supports Andrea's efforts in fund-raising. Rainy doubles as Oxbridge's artist in residence, creating 3D models in Blender and advising on effective ad design.
  • The Dean of Education, Wordsmith Jarvinen, is responsible for the COU classes, the instructors who teach them, and the class schedules. His efforts are aided by Samm Florian, Assistant Dean of Education.
  • The Dean of Engines (position open) develops and maintains the scripting and communications infrastructure that helps to run Oxbridge.
  • The Dean of Information, Lindal Kidd, keeps the Oxbridge Tutorial up to date as the viewer and features of Second LifeĀ® change. She is the archivist for COU operating procedures and policies and maintains the faculty information packets and notecards handed out to students and visitors. The Dean of Information also edits or prepares, publishes, and updates various online tutorials and articles.
  • The Emeritus Dean, Larkylouz (aka Badass Fae), works on special projects for Oxbridge.