Caledon Oxbridge Class Catalog

Last updated: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 09:20:57 PST

Avatar Safety

Time: Sunday, 10:00 SLT
Instructor: Lindal Kidd
Location: Main Lecture Hall

Even in a virtual world, there are things that hurt. Introduction to Avatar Safety covers the basics of protecting one's self in Second Life. This class covers personal information protection, strategies for coping with griefers, abuse reporting, and common scams--plus other information sources and a few tools to help you keep Second Life experience safe.

Making a Flexi-Skirt

Time: Sunday, 12:00 SLT
Instructor: Cymbal Constantine
Location: Main Lecture Hall

Learn about Flexi-Prims and how to make them. Learn how to make your own Flexi-Skirts using the Oxbridge version of the LoopRez tool. Hands on class creating a skirt using the tool. Includes free textures, LoopRez script, step by step instructions and skirt panels to get started.

Suggested prerequisite class: Building Basics.

Q&A With the Deans

Time: Sunday, 15:00 SLT
Instructor: Oxbridge Deans
Location: Alt Lecture Hall

The Caledon Oxbridge "Dean Team" answers your questions about Second Life, Caledon, Oxbridge, Steampunk, and anything else we can manage. Q&A is hosted by some combination of Carl Metropolitan (Chancellor), Wordsmith Jarvinen (Vice Chancellor) and Phrynne (Dean of Commons). Between them they know… stuff.

Time to Make a Clock

Time: Sunday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Sandie Harbour
Location: Main Lecture Hall

Put your basic building skills to work by making a real working clock!

Required Knowledge: Basic building skills.

Suggested prerequisite class: Building Basics.

Basic Scripting

Time: Monday, 12:00 SLT
Instructor: Lady Sumoku
Location: Main Lecture Hall

Scripts are what makes Second Life a dynamic, interactive environment. Scripts can change an object's properties, move objects, communicate with avatars or other scripts, sense objects or avatars, play sounds, collect information, play animations, and rez or give objects within the same object's inventory.

The class starts with the very basics and works through several examples.

Familiarity with the build editor is strongly advised.

Avatar Animation

Time: Monday, 15:00 SLT
Instructor: Red Quixote
Location: Main Lecture Hall

This class (attempts to) demystifies animation as it relates to Second Life. Students will learn how to create their own animations in Qavimator. We discuss the upload process and aspects pertaining to it such as priority, creating loops, etc.

Second Life Photography

Time: Tuesday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Johann Reisende
Location: Main Lecture Hall

Learn how to take great pictures in Second Life! This class covers all the essential basics, including using the snapshot tool, camera movement and control, lighting and windlights, graphics programs, photo presentation techniques, photography studios, and more.

Scripting Office Hour

Time: Tuesday, 19:00 SLT
Instructor: Zenmondo Wormser
Location: Main Lecture Hall

The scripting office hour is hosted by ZenMondo Wormser who has 39 years programming experience and 11 years experience with LSL, he is here to answer your questions about scripting in LSL and to help with any projects you may have.

The class is an informal setting where questions and experimentation are encouraged. We look forward to you joining us.

Photo Salon

Time: Wednesday, 19:00 SLT
Instructor: Teddy Bear
Location: Main Lecture Hall

Dec. 20th – Tour of Holiday SIMs

We will take a Tour of Winter Ice Christmas Festival and take Holiday Photos and document the trip as a tourist, telling the story of your journey in this immersive winter experience.

Then we will talk about how to manage lag that is so common at large events.

This is an open-ended workshop that provides SL photographers with skills instruction, practice locations, and a supportive atmosphere in which to practice the techniques of effective SL Photography.

Prerequisites: None, but a basic photography class is recommended.

For more info, contact the coordinator, Teddy Bear.

Animation Workshop

Time: Thursday, 15:00 SLT
Instructor: Red Quixote
Location: Main Lecture Hall

A weekly opportunity for students and scholars to consult Oxbridge's resident Animation Professor on your personal animation projects. Troubleshooting, and procedural advice will be provided and the Professor may have an extra or two tucked up his sleeve.

Introduction to Mesh

Time: Thursday, 19:00 SLT
Instructor: Wordsmith Jarvinen
Location: Main Lecture Hall

Mesh is the most flexible means of creating objects, clothing and avatars for SL. The class covers background concepts, compares mesh with prims and sculpties, and shows the upload interface.

Smart Shopper Fundamentals

Time: Friday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Lindal Kidd
Location: Main Lecture Hall

This class will cover how to get $L, how to know a quality product, the basics of item permissions, some basic scams to avoid, and most of all, how to find bargains. Become a smart Second Life shopper and look fabulous without spending a lot of money!

Introduction to Role-Playing

Time: Friday, 19:00 SLT
Instructor: Wendyslippers Charisma
Location: Main Lecture Hall

Learn the basic history, purpose and usage of emotes and gestures. Explore roleplay, what it is, and how to do it. This class is intended to enhance your Second Life and greatly increase your fun potential! Free notes, landmarks and gestures provided.

How to Buy and Rent Land in SL

Time: Saturday, 12:00 SLT
Instructor: Lindal Kidd
Location: Main Lecture Hall

You do not have to have land in Second Life to have fun but it sure helps! Introduction to Land will teach you the basics of how to find, buy or rent, and sell land in Second Life. There is also an introduction to land controls, and a discussion of the risks and rewards of land on Private Estates versus the Linden Lab owned Mainland.

Building Basics

Time: Saturday, 19:00 SLT
Instructor: Samm Florian
Location: Main Lecture Hall

Building Basics is an introduction to making stuff with prims in Second Life. It runs in a two-week cycle: In Week 1, we will cover PRIMS: how to rez them, move them, rotate and resize them, and link them together to make objects. In Week 2, we will cover TEXTURES: how to apply textures to objects, and how to create and upload your own.

Students can take the classes in either order. No building experience is assumed, but students should have a basic understanding of how the camera works. Both classes are text-based, hands-on, and usually run 60-90 minutes long.