Caledon Oxbridge Visitor Statistics

Explanation of fields in the Weekly and Monthly Visitor Summaries

  • First date / last date: Both in yyyy-mm-dd format.
  • Data Days: The number of days of data collected. Not always all days in the data range.
  • Avatars by Day: This is just the sum of the number of unique avatars on each day
  • Avatars by Data Range: This is the number of unique avatars over the range of dates.
  • Multiday Factor: The ratio of the above two, giving an indication of multi-day use by avatars
  • First Day: The number of avatars observed on their first day and present at Oxbridge for two minutes or more
  • First Week: The number of avatars first observed on a day during their first week and spending two minutes or more at Oxbridge on that day.
  • Visit Count: The total number of visits, of any length, made to Oxbridge.
  • Age Histogram: Age in days summed over the data range.
  • Languages: A day-by-day sum of the count of the language codes under which avatars were registered
  • Avatars vs Hour: A day by day sum of the count of avatars observed during each hour
  • Total Visit Times (seconds): The day-by-day sum of the total times that avatars spent at Oxbridge during a day.
  • Single Visit Times (seconds): The day-by-day sum of the length of individual visits by avatars during a day.
  • Gender Shape: 0 equals female, 1 equals male, and the documentation says that other values are possible with hand-crafted avatars.

Weekly Summaries

Monthly Summaries